Maintenance of paintjob

To make sure that you will enjoy your new painting as long as possible, you herewith receive some important maintenance tips.


1. Clean regularly.

Pollution has a negative influence on the life of paintwork. Regular cleaning will make a significant contribution to the durability of the paint. If you regularly clean the paintwork, indoor as well as outdoor painting will last much longer.

Therefore, when washing the glazing, simultaneously wipe the woodwork with a sponge or a damp cloth. Make sure that you do not use cleaning products that contain abrasives - alcohol or chlorine. Use pH neutral detergents [pH between 6 and 8]. Do not forget the upper and lower sides of windows and doors. Never use abrasive cleaners, solvents, hard brushes, scouring sponges or objects that can damage the paintwork.

On façades where there is less sunlight, you might find moss or other green stains. These can also be removed with a sponge or damp cloth.


2. Check the for cracks or damage:

Check the painting regularly during cleaning and look for possible damages or cracks in the layers of the paint. These defects should be repaired as soon as possible or reported to the owner/landlord. A broken window or leaking insulating glassware must also be reported to the owner/landlord.


3. Provide sufficient ventilation:

Ventilation is key to the durability of indoor painting. Ventilation ensures the supply of fresh air and the discharge of humid and polluted air. If you do not ventilate, humid indoor air is not removed and condenses on the glass, windows and window frames which is detrimental to painting. Therefore, daily ventilation, for example by opening windows and ventilation grilles, is very important.


4. Prune plants:

Ensure that plants other vegetation do not touch the painting. Therefore, prune your plants in time if necessary.


5. Take care of paving:

Make sure that there is enough space between any paving and window frames outside. Paving should never touch the window frames. Furthermore, proper drainage should be provided, in order to let the water flow correctly from the façade, without touching the painting..

We wish you every success in applying our tips..
Palet Vastgoedonderhoud B.V.