Competence development team leaders 'Palet Vastgoedonderhoud'


GENEMUIDEN – All ten team leaders from 'Palet Vastgoedonderhoud' in Genemuiden completed a tailor-made training from ‘OnderhoudNL’, a well-known Dutch training institute, just before the summer holidays of 2018. 'We are extremely satisfied with this training because it helps our staff to continue meeting our clients’ needs in the future', Jan and Sjaak Pleijsier say. 'We are currently making the switch to result-oriented collaboration and we are aiming to obtain an important Dutch quality mark for that.'

The primary reason for the in-company training was the observation that different corporations are setting a new course. An increasing number of clients are opting for a select number of partners for long-term cooperation. "These partners collaborate on a strategic level, contributing to different maintenance scenarios", the brothers explain. "We are more and more taking this side as well. We want to continue being a strategic partner for large corporations in the future. We know better than anyone that our staff is our most valuable asset. Our loyalty towards them, as well as theirs towards us, is enormous. Because of their loyalty as well as the significant market changed mentioned earlier, we are highly motivated to investing in further training of our employees.”

Extra responsibilities

Beforehand, 'Palet Schilderwerken' (the former name of Palet Vastgoedonderhoud, meaning Palet Painting Services in English) had already decided to change the organizational structure. There were two operational managers between their top management and team leaders. That management layer has been taken out in order to give more responsibility to their well-experienced team leaders. "That is why we decided that further development of the competence of our team leaders should be first priority", they state. "Being a long-term partner of large corporations requires that tasks and responsibilities are put in the right place, and that our people are well-trained for that. Resident satisfaction for example, becomes more and more important for our clients. Therefore we have given our team leaders way more responsibility in keeping residents informed: before, during and after implementation of our projects."

Extra skills

Palet’s team leaders also receive additional responsibilities regarding client communication. They keep our clients up to date about the work progress, in a proactive way. "It is clear that we believe that it’s not just about the technical qualities of team leaders", Jan and Sjaak Pleijsier explain. "To make it even clearer: it is not just about being the best painter. Other skills are at least as important: keep an overview, organize and communicate. In their new role, our team leaders know perfectly how to coach a team at work, how to deal with tenants or other residents correctly and how to communicate properly with corporations as clients.”

Read the entire article here, as published in OnderhoudNL Magazine (Dutch).